Sketches: Tailors Daughter, Mondigan, Gore & Pokemon

With finals, soon followed by my grandfather's passing, followed by my grandmother's epic quest to get into a nursing home, I haven't had the chance to post. But I've been drawing a lot of the sketchbooks I'll be selling the convention season.

Drawn in the hospital when my grandmother fell and broke her arm. In story, Rivek gets thrown into prison and nearly executed. Bohren is the one who pulls his wretched body from the fire. I really like how Bohren's face turned out.

"One perfect summer." The vacation after Bohren and Rivek's "junior" year and Willow's "freshman" year of secondary school, they spend some time in Cordelain - Rivek's mother's city. It's a quaint beach port. Bohren is the kind of guy who shows off how strong he is by giving girls piggy-back rides. Rivek thinks it's stupid.

"Psittacinus" means "parrot" in Latin, so my friend tells me. A symbolic piece, trying to show the pseduo-homosexual relationship between Bohren and Rivek, one that Rivek is blind to. Rivek's throat is garrotted, and Bohr's lips sewn together - a dual symbol of silence. The channeling beads - what Bohren uses to amplify magic - are tying them together but in the same process, binding Bohren's arms or ability to do anything about the situation.

I tend to draw Bohren topless. This is just a posing, pretty shot of him. Fun fact: He's named after chemist Niels Bohr. I am such a nerd.

Mirab, Rivek's elder sister of four years, is a legendary leader and warrior amongst her kinsman. Equal to, maybe even more, powerful than her brother. They call her, "The Gloves," because she ends up with so much blood on her arms. She is a tall, hot, sexy, skinny, small-breated blonde who can kick your butt.

Drew this in the funeral home while discussing stuff. What an arduous process. I was trying to come up with a (mildly) heavier, not-cloth, armor for Rivek more along the lines of traditional fantasy.

More Pokemon on the way. I don't know if they're cute, but I colored the first set here.

And finally, some Tailor's Daughter stuff. I didn't do as well as in the course as I had hoped, but I got whe I deserved given that I pooped out on the project from taking so many other classes.

I settled on their character designs. Nothing too fancy - this is the small-time romance between the daughter of a tradesman and a youthful sailor. Tried something odd for the cat, though, and I'm not sure I like it.

Also, just some random shit sketches.


Sketches: Dancers and Pokemon

A few weeks ago, I saw my friend Nirav in his swing dancing show. They wore newsboy caps, collared shirts, and suspenders. It hasn't left my mind since.

If Rivek and Bohren lived in the 1910s/20s, they would have gone off to the Great War, lost a few fingers, and then come back only to work as street sweepers. Sucks.

Along the same lines, I wanted to do some ballroom dance pictures. I've had this idea since high school where it's kind of like their prom. Rivek's a guard and technically on duty for the night, so Willow asks him to follow her outside where no one will see, and they dance in the moonlight as the music wafts through the windows. Pose is woefully stiff because I drew it while watching Wolverine in the theatre (Ironiceally, it's the only movie where I find Ryan Reynolds attractive. I bet it's the swords.).

Here are some Pokemon I am making into con season keychains. Again, some are going to need re-drawing. When I work, I need to draw the same thing over and over before it's just right.

Oh, and sometimes, I forget how to draw my own characters... I had to practice to figure out how to draw Rivek's face again. I still can't do it in three-quarters just right.