Sketches: Movie Genres V, Con Commissions, & Horror Sketches

Almost done the Movie Genres sketch exchange at PE. This character belongs to http://yorufukugawa.deviantart.com . Done for sci-fi.

Some chibi commissions of teenage girls frm New York Anime Festival. They look like Bratx dolls crossed with genetically inbred Powerpuff girls. Argh.

A large commission of the twins from Ouran High School Host Club, also from NYAF. I redrew it because I had a better pose idea.
Re-working some of my old original characters. Trying to see if Lucient should have a tattoo.

Creepy stuff drawn while watching Mirror's Edge. Inspired by one hell of a performance of Quills at my school.


Sketches: Movie Genres V

Drew some creepy things, but they're not ready to upload yet. However, here's a creepy thing for http://hoboriss.deviantart.com . It's here character as a zombie for the Horror genre of the movie exchange.

PS - Erin, since I know you're reading this, - to filter out site crits, look to the right. There's a filter on links set.


Sketches and GiftArt: Movie Genres IV

This is Weptes, drawn for http://chael.deviantart.com . She's meant to be like a shaman because we were trying to do epic fantasy movies.

Here is the piece I got in exchange from http://kitsunechan.deviantart.com . I love the dialogue. Totally fits.


Sketches: Nirav

Nirav. Oh, yeah. I think I know what I'm getting him for his birthday - a nice, frilly apron. What a way to turn 21.


Sketches: Rivek and Zombies

I had a strange dream where there was a war being fought between two sides, both of which believed they were right. In the end, an archer with silver arrows joined us, and then we knew we were truly correct and thus would win. It would be Rivek, wouldn't it? Also, more non-sequitor, in terms of fighting, as usual, we were trying to keep Ted from doing anything stupid, and when Nirav invited me to lunch, there were beetles in the rice. :(

My weekend has been pretty overtaken by Dead Space, and so - in celebration of Halloween as well - zombies! Pardon the Elvish that Ted wrote on the left. We're still not done with the game, but I was starting to get too nauseous and just read it on Wikipedia. The guys are going to be disappointed.

Oh, and if you're still here, here's the first draft of the Rivek picture - which I turned into a girl, a slow suspender-wearing zombie my friends named "Carl," and the draft of Javert from my dress-my-characters-as-Les-Mis-characters series. I have so far re-composed the picture into something more epic.