Art: 015/100 Themes - Silence

"Silenzon." Silence. - 15/100 Themes.

Given her social position, Willow tends to be more forward than Rivek. She doesn't often let her hair down, but it's very nice when she does.

And as for the motifs - the wings are symbolic of Rivek, whose alternate form is the falcon. The antlers are symbolic of the stag - the emblem of Tyris, Willow's country. As for flowers, the stylized lilies and roses, both white, are representative of Rivek and Willow, respectively. They also take up space nicely.

"Rivek Ildorus Ailinar, stop worrying. Just shut up and kiss me."


Art: 014/100 Themes - Smile

"Suria." Smile. 14/100 Themes.

Willowren is a poor politician in that her emotions are always easily read off her face. She is holding Rivek's contract. Despite what her banter may say, she is genuinely happy and relieved.

My writing is getting worse now that I'm back at university.

"You're dressed nicely today, Will."

"I thought I should look nice for when you got back."

"Actually, I really think you just look like you're up to no good."

"I'm just pleased you've returned to me alive."

"I'd really rather you didn't put it that way."

"Now, what did you say about my dress?"

"I think you look cute."

"That's what I wanted to hear."


Art: 013/100 Themes - Misfortune

"Sanrujea." Misfortune. 13/100 Themes.

Rivek is good at math and highly dislikes games where he has no control over the outcome. Bohren is an easy con. Rivek knows where to get weighted dice. Bohren does not.

"No goddamn way, Riv. This game is pure luck. You just beat me six times."

"Well, given the probability, it's possible. Although, highly unlikely."

"Shut up. You cheated."


"You cheated."



"To see how long it'd take you to notice."

"Notice my punching you in the face."


Art: PE 85

Finished the Nina piece for Kichisu. I like her character design. Unfortunately, I can't explain my "implicit doorway" layout or her badly painted hands.

Although, I was going for a new style with the lineart and anatomical exaggeration. It's not my everyday style, but I like it.


Art: PE 85 WIP III

Screw you, hands. Otherwise, almost done.


Art: PE 85 WIP II

Another update. Marginal progress refining the arm and shirt.

Art & Rant: San Fransisco Sketches and Fine Art

Here are some more sketches that I did when I was in San Fransisco, none of which will be finished. I think the marathon had burned me out.

Clockwise from top left: Ruji, Alisian demi-goddess of luck and fortune. Willowren in medic gear, looking like a crack addict. Rivek and Bohren playing a game of dice, failed 100 Themes piece.

At a friend's party, I was struck with the desire to draw an octopus. People keep asking me to finish this one. I guess it's because it's something "different." I don't think it is - fine arts circles are already brimming with people-with-antlers and sexual-innuendo-of-girls-and-octopi. Also, I don't like her face.

Fine Arts friend of mine was saying that all the ImagineFX stuff was boring because it's that same "almost realism" style. That irritate me. I'm a big proponent of "if it's enjoyable, who cares if it's innovative?" It seems like we get caught up so often in desiring and making something new that we don't desire or make something for the sake of doing it so that it's fun for both artist and viewer.

I sometimes see gallery art as being a popularity contest. There's no real accurate measure of art like there is with code, so it's pretty luck-based. Did you get your name out there? Do you know the right people? I feel it's very "bandwagon." There are so many people who draw like James Jean and Audrey Kawasaki. It all seems very trendy to draw doe-eyed girls with bleeding tentacles.

It's true with code, though, too. Microsoft released a pretty user-unfriendly workplace system back with Windows 95. However, they pushed really hard, and we all got hooked to it. Then, they went and re-vamped their user experience "for the better." Problem ensues in that we have already accustomed to the old, yet flawed system. So is the change really better? All I know is, I am thankful for .docx -> .doc converters.

We can't know what's ahead if we don't know what's already been done, and not just in your own niche field. I think this is why I choose to do both. I don't want to get caught up in the latest styles or the new release patches. If I like it, that's all that matters. Otherwise, inevitably, I would end up circling myself.


Art: PE 85 WIP

Work in progress for Private Exchange, Round 85 - I need to do more blending and lining an the figure. Trying a new style since I haven't painted in so long. I can't remember how. My faces are getting long, too. :(


Art: Zynga Sketches

I always get nervous during job interviews, so I spend time before and after loosening up with some drawing.

I'd been looking at JenZee and Raydiant's work lately, so I tried to do something science fiction inspired. Her contour is meant to be joker inspired.

This was inspired by "red mage," when I asked the other candidates to name a class from Final Fantasy.

This is for a customer on Gaia Online. The hair was fun.


Art: A Seven-Year Retrospect

Ew. Look at my old art.


Life: New Year's Resolutions

I want to put a little more here than just artwork I've made, so I'm going to put forth my New Year's Resolutions. So I can check back next year and see how many I've actually done.

1. Exercise more (at least half an hour, twice a week) and eat healthy. This includes dance more and install a timer on my computer which makes me get up and walk around every twenty minutes.

2. Get a job. I don't think I can handle conventions and freelancing any more, and I really want to be somewhere I can learn, trial-by-fire.

2.5. Get a boyfriend. However! Importantly! This is contingent on Resolution 2 being satisfied first. I will not look for a relationship until I've settled where I'm going to be post-graduation.

3. Spend one full day a week working on digital art, alternating 2D and 3D. This includes entering ConceptArt Character of the Weeks, CGHub Drawing Jams, etc. Contests are a good motivator for me.

4. Get published, get a Daily Deviation, get on DeviantART front page. So, like all artists, I'm a sucker for attention. I think it's a good reward, though for working hard. I'll have to do all the networking that goes with it, but yeah. ImagineFX, Exotique, Expose, etc. If it's small, it's still okay. I need to set this goal to make myself work more on art.

5. Read a book a month. I feel myself getting stupider for not reading. Got any recommendations? I really love things that are intelligent (no stupid protagonists, please!)and mythical.

6. Finish one of my life goals. It could be one of the following:
  • Rivek, 2D and 3D Character Design(face and full body character design illustrations, face and full body sculptures, textured and rigged 3D model, accessory and clothing drawings, beauty illustrations)
  • 100 Themes, Sketchbook
  • ???, One-Shot Pencil-Shaded Comic
  • Otakon Trail, Macromedia Flash Game
  • Prince Project, Fairy tale Gender-reversal Illustrated Novel
  • Companion Guide to Mondigan, Artbook
  • Guide to Mondigan Mythos, Illustrated Novel
  • Trilogy of Mondigan, Novels
  • Alternate Universe Artwork to Mondigan, Artbook
  • List of Ideas I Had In High School and Never Completed, Paintings

Art: Art Half-Marathon 09, Day 14 or 012/100 Themes - Insanity

"Sanmensa." Insanity. 12/100 Themes.

I'm done the marathon! Take that! Trying to go out with a bang.

Rivek, in Wrath. More on Wrath here.


Art: Art Half-Marathon 09, Day 13 or 011/100 Themes - Memory

"Memorea." Memory. 11/100 Themes.

Rivek tends towards writing things down, and Bohren, years later, still has a habit of reading them.

Bohren looks good with a little facial hair.


Art: Art Half-Marathon 09, Day 12 or 010/100 Themes - Breathe Again

"Vent dise." Breathe Again 10/100 Themes.

Hooray, 10% through!

Little known fact is that Rivek's untamed, peregrine falcon, magic makes him one of the fastest runners in Mondigan history. He is also a very capable swimmer. However, he cannot hold his breath for very long because of smoke damage.

Fenne is the Brennan prince. He and Rivek were friends once upon a time. However, after Fenne's father discovered Rivek's dark powers, Fenne could no longer trust him anymore. The irony being that Rivek's nature was discovered when he took an arrow for Fenne, the wound revealing his black blood. Although Rivek has been officially pardoned for heresy, their conversations are still awkward because Fenne could have stopped his father but didn't.

Rivek could barely stand looking the Prince in the eye, but he tried his best to make small talk. Unfortunately, certain friendships were not meant to be recovered.

"After all these years, Falcon, you're still an infantryman?" The disbelief in his voice was an genuine as his distaste.

"Fenne." If his majesty was going to use old, familiar titles, so would he. "I prefer the term 'man-at-arms,' and, even given that, it is my choice to tread on foot." Albeit, he couldn't actually afford a proper steed on his salary. He laughed, but it did nothing to cover the tension in his voice.

The envoy reached a bridge, "Just a ways to go before we reach the outpost, your highness."

Rivek took the reigns of the prince's horse and began to guide it across the icy crossing. As they approached the high point - too far down to turn back and too far away to keep going - an arrow flew through the trees and landed squarely in the shoulder of Fenne's mount. The stallion reared. Rivek dropped the reigns. The startled beast lost its footing on the cobblestones and plunged both itself and its rider into the river.

"Haisan!" Ambush, Rivek cried, forgetting to change frm his native tongue. But with no second though, he unbuckled his pack and dove headfirst into the icy water, not even waiting for it to hit the ground. He cut throught the surface like a pike, but the sudden chill forced him to struggle back up for air.

"Fuck," he muttered, wiping hte water frm his eyes. He glimpsed something vaguely human floating downstream. "Fuck. Again."

He inhaled as much air as he could and dropped beneath the surface. He knew he needed as much speed as possible, and the ice floes at the surface could be deadly. He had to stay underwater until he reached Fenne.

Where the hell was that boy? Rivek widened his stinging eyes and saw a flash of gold hem ahead of him. It became a race against the current. Each second, his target would move away the same distance he had covered. Each flailing limb only gained a few inches in the correct direction.

Rivek tasted iron in the back of his mouth and coughed. Bubbles of precious oxygen rose to the surface. Too much longer under water, and he might drown as well.

As luck would have it, Fenne's cloak had wrapped around a rocky outcropping at the river bottom. The prince had been knock unconscious and blood was seeping from his forehead. Rivek wrenched his body through through the current in one final effort. His hands touched wet cloth, and he tried to tug the garment loose to no avail.

His lungs were burning now, and it was all he could do to keep from floating away himself. He fumbled with the cuff of his boot and released the small knife he kept there. Don't you dare complain I ruined your new clothes, he thought as he sawed through the cape.

He wrapped his arm around Fenne's shoulders and hauled them both to the surface. He sputtered, a mix of blood and frigid water spilled from his mouth and nose. He reached over to a rocky outcropping and screamed for help, trying to keep the prince's head above water.

In seconds, Bohren appeared, lowering a rope down to the pair. He struggled to hold all three items, but Rivek managed to wrap it around Fenne's waist and his arm. "Heave," he shouted over the spray.

He half-threw Fenne's body onto dry land and collapsed to his knees, coughing. Bohren was already working to revive the prince, checking his pulse and pushing the water out of his chest.

Fenne gagged as he regained consciousness, swiftly rolling over and spitting the remaining water onto the ground. He turned to Rivek, "You saved me. Again."