Art: Commissions

Two overdue commissions. Here's a chibi L with some vegetables. I'm sure this will get too popular for its own good.

And a character whose name I forgot for someone who found me on Gaia.

Art: PE ACEO Exchange

PE had an artist trading card (ATC) exchange. This was fun. I like being able to do colored pieces quickly.

I have some leftover paper. Send me an e-mail if you are interested in purchasing your own ATC ($20, includes shipping).


Art: 018/100 Themes - Rainbow

"Mebel." Rainbow. - 18/100 Themes.

It is hard to draw a rainbow in greyscale.

Spring in the coldest country in the world. The ice in the valleys had melted, but the distant mountains were still capped with snow.

"Rivek, what on earth are you showing me?" THe mud had begun seeping into Willow's shoes. She paused and wiggled her toes, a useless effort to shed that dirty, moist, feeling.

"Something I found on a scouting flight."

"Not something dangerous, I hope. Don't make me regret not bringing a proper guard."

"Will, I am your guard."

Something very organic and jelly-like squished under her foot. Ew. A worm. A now very dead worm. Half of it was very dead at least. The other was attempting to squeeze back into the pitch, lugging its pulped tail behind it.

"Wipe it off on a rock. Come on. This is time-sensitive."

She huffed but followed instructions. He held out his arm to help her up a particularly steep outcropping.

"Now, really, Riv, all this effort, it better be g-."

"Do you stand corrected?"

The encampment below looked more like an anthill from this height. The pine trees resembled a dark green, protective blanket around it. She looked up at the icicles, glittering in the afternoon sun, sweating crystalline droplets like ballroom dancers. A faint but bright, misty rainbow hovered between two distant peaks.

"Rivek, this is beautiful."

"Well, I couldn't think of a better birthday present for the girl who has everything."


Art: 017/100 Themes - Blood

"Sanguion." Blood. - 17/100 Themes.

That isn't red wine they're drinking. The dark-mages in the Alisian warrior castes will drink human and animal blood for religious reasons. The magically higher pH of dark-mages reduces chance for infection but can make open wounds more disastrous.

"Little brother, prove to me that you are true Alisian. Drink with me."

Rivek lifted the class to his lips. The contents, now congealing, flowed like salty syrup onto his tongue. He tasted iron, better than any pedestrian ambrosia, and he'd never been more satiated in his life.


Art: 016/100 Themes - Questioning

"Interegon." Questioning. - 16/100 Themes.

Infer what you will.

Commissions: OPEN

I'm going to do work in my ornate pencil style. A single character is $30, a couple is $50 - add color tinting (like this) for $10 more. They're 7"X10". You will be e-mailed a high-resolution TIFF. No originals will be shipped. Send me a note if you are interested. Please give me a lot of character information and any specific symbols desired in the ornamentation.

This would be $30:

This would be $50:


Art: Gaia Art Trades

An old art trade I owe Ebonykat from Gaia Online. So sorry I'm so late!

Another commission from Gaia Online, for a Chain Wallet item. I'm trying to improve my inks. I rarely get the chance to.

Art: Global Game Jam 2010 Philadelphia

Ted called me up last week and said his team was doing a farce JRPG for the Global Game Jam. Now, I am well-versed in pretty boys and stereotypes, so he asked me to come along and do some work. On premises, he tells me their theme is "deception"... but their constraints are "rain," "plain," and "Spain." Thus, some interesting (and bad) art ensued.

Check out the resulting game here: http://globalgamejam.com/2010/classic-deception

Here's the background. I'm surprised it only took four hours. I actually like how this turned out. I didn't have time to add in the Spanish flags, but look! Bulls!

And of course, we need a female character who has oversized eyes, poor anatomy, and over-endowed chest. And unnecessary buckles. Cel-shaded for maximum JRPG effect! The "Spain" thing means she's a Flamenco dancer.

And now, are all-too-girly-boy matador with an extraneously large sword. And buckles. Just flats because I ran out of time.

I forgot how hard it is for me to draw anime style.


Art: PE Gifting II

A gift for Luniara on Private Exchange. Her character, just getting out of the pool.

I almost forgot how good the results on cel shading could be if you play with light correctly - and it's much faster than painting, too.