Art: Clothing Designs

Not-so-secretly, the countries I design are actually based on the seven deadly sins. The Alisians' greatest flaw is pride, a nationalistic sense and strong xenophobia which causes them to obsess over honro and traditional rituals. The Vestanzans are lustful, a country of high population and great focus on physical appearance. The Akhari are gluttonous, funding luxuries while depriving people of basic needs.

A drawing of Rivek, in Alisian clothing which needs to be re-designed. I still like the sleeves, though - I think I'll keep them as part of the culture designs. I am very happy with his face.

Cina is a Vestanzan exchange student, also Rivek's first girlfriend. She's a slut, haha. Vestanzan elements include the high-collared coat, thigh boots, and flame-shaped edges.

The Akhari wear lots of light, long, flowing cloth. Their patterns are simple, made mostly of straight lines. They use braided gloden belts. Most notable, though, is the dusters.

Belsamael is the Akhari prince whose country needs him to bear a child because the fire-wielding magic of the (highly inbred) family line must continue. Unfortunately, he's gay, haha.

Rivek, in Akhari clothes. Because I can. I wanted more examples of Akhari clothing but wanted to customize it for a different, already-established character.


Art: Prince Project and Mondigan Designs

It's been awhile. I've been drawing on and off, just got back from New York Anime Fest - where I actually learned a lot more about comic conventions. I might give one a shot. My table partner, Alitha, mentioned that audiences might really appreciate the pencil renders more.

During NYAF, someone asked me if I had a version of this in color. I said no, whereupon she lost interest in purchasing it. It's not that I don't like color - it's that, for that style - color actually takes away from the regality of the pieces. They are meant to look like emblems, carved in stone (which is why I'll never do one for a poppy, bubble-gum, neon rainbow, series). I've gotten comments before with, "Oh wow! You're really good. I just didn't see if when I walked by since it wasn't in color!"

Another issue about comic cons, though... The thing is while - with effort - I can draw super buff super heroes, I just prefer lean (read: scrawny) guys. So part of me is thinking I can't survive in the testosterone laden, fan-boy world. But maybe it's a good thing if I can reach out to those few female comic book nerds or at least offer something a little different than hard inks and harder abs.

Anywho, re-designing Rivek since I want to do a 3D model of him for a pseudo capstone. The bad part being the art department no longer has ZBrush. (Why? Why? Why?! *sob*)

On the same lengths, I'm trying to develop a video game - specifically MMO - visual style for the storyline. So, different nations have different fashions. This is Brennan - lots of straight cuts and square shapes, with shoulder guards, tunics, and high boots. It's a country of leather and religion where maintaining order - and thus, power - is top prioirty. Bohren- a full Brennan noble - is on the left, but I hated his arm, so I re-drew the same clothing style on Rivek - a half-Brennan - on the right, and now I hate his neck. Whatever, the point of this was clothes, not anatomy.

I also start a wiki to keep character data on, so I need some pictures to break up the massive amounts of text. This is my old roleplay character, Aidan. However, here, his eyes make him look like a butch lesbian woman, so I'll need to re-draw this. Oddly enough, My roommate said she might make out with him.

Another wiki headshot. Bohren. I think the facial aspects are accurate but a bit too youthful. I have to re-draw this one, too. Bad scan is bad.

Also, here are some sketches from the Prince Project. It still needs a lot of work. School has put the research phase on hold

I also quite want to do a sequential art project based on Mozart's Requiem. Basically, it'd be a pencil-rendered comic book (so, maybe a little more like a fine art book like Prince). But right now, I lack a story. I don't know what though! Should I connect it to my old work? Ah, I have no idea.