Art: 052/100 Themes - Deep in Thought

"Sundum kognia." Deep in Thought. - 52/100 Themes.

A "new" character, Eamon. You can see his original (heavily D. Grayman-inspired) incarnation here: http://fav.me/d1czxwo

Now, he is the lab technician in the research lab that Rivek and Willow worked in during high school. He crashes in his work clothes, naps under his desk, and drinks caffeine to relax. He has some light-magic in him that gives him super-human intelligence. Having been a screw-up before, he is as religious as scientific.

He messed up as a teenager and became father. Unable to deal with having a child, the mother ran. Now, his whole life revolves around his daughter, Perrin. And despite her age, she ends up picking up after his eccentricities a lot. When his daughter begins to exhibit signs of dark-magic, he first denies the signs, but eventually outright questions his faith. Fenne begins to genocide dark-mages, and he chooses to do what's best for his daughter - seeks refugee status with Willow. Once on her side, he uses his technical knowledge to backwards engineer Sorian's technomagic designs and comes to terms with his faith - that you can be devout and progressive at the same time.  

More in this Series: http://fongmingyun.deviantart.com/gallery/281196


Eamon brushed the thick, auburn hair from his eyes. Magic was fickle as human emotion, but he was sure it could be quantified and harnessed. You could treat it like a volume of water, calculating and controlling the speed of its flow to get one's desired result. After all, Sorian had managed it somehow.

He stared at the bull's carcass on the table. It contained as much metal as it did rotting flesh. Magic had allowed Sorian to turn a living animal into a technological war machine. Now it was Eamon's job to figure out how to stop them.

He had been writing for hours. His chalkboard was riddled with equations. He always arrived at the same answer, but it was not possible. Those resources could not be obtained. They simply did not exist anymore.

He looked over at Rivek. The dark-mage had come to the lab to watch Eamon dismantle the beast that had gored him. He leaned back in his chair, conversing with his bird. To Eamon, it seemed like a very one-sided conversation, but it seemed to be making sense to them. A soldier by nature, Rivek was not well-versed in the sciences by any means, but Eamon knew he had a head for arithmetic. He had learned this the hard way. Rivek frequently used his mathematical intellect to sweep card games.

"Do you mind looking this over?" Eamon asked, handing Rivek his notebook. The bird walked up to Rivek's shoulder as he took the pad in his hand.

He looked over the chalk board and picked up a quill. Step by step, he re-did the calculations on his paper. He circled his answer - it was the exact same. "You might want to graph is more precisely to be sure but... The only way to zero out this equation would be to use its inverse. You have the answer, Eamon. It's staring you in the face. You just don't want to believe it. To make this work, you're going to need dark-magic."

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