Art: 051/100 Themes - Sport

"Oludum". Sport - 51/100 Themes.

Even fantasy schools have field days.

At heart, Bohren is a swordsman, so he never does too well at the joust. Even he doesn't have the upper-body strength to handle a lance for too long (or being hit in the chest with one), and his aim is too terrible for ring jousting. Even so, he tries because he thinks it's the most impressive sport, and he gets to wear some cool armor while riding a horse.

Usually forgotten or disfavored due to his unassuming behavior in class, Rivek is a dark horse who blazes through archery tournaments. He easily nets first in most tournaments he enrolls in thanks to his avian powers and hunting practice. Not that he would listen to rules, but even if instructed to use his normal eyesight, he can't reign his body in to that level. Archery is probably the only profitable activity Rivek does that isn't morally questionable.  

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Rivek sat behind the empty stands, eating a pork bun from one hand and jingling a pouch of coins in the other. His snack was dry and a bit too salty, but he had already paid for it. His unstrung bow and other archery equipment lay on the ground next to him, arranged in a neat grid.

Bohren approached his friend. He still wore his breastplate and carried his helmet under his arm. His thick, blond hair was matted with sweat and taken on the rounded shape of his headgear. He reached out an armored hand to grab the remaining bread but Rivek shoved the entire thing in his mouth.

Bohren frowned, "So - how did you do?"

Rivek took his time chewing before he swallowed to speak. Bohren gritted his teeth. The archer smirked, holding up the bag of coins. "I don't know. You tell me. Well enough?"

"You're a cheat. The rules say no magic."

"I'm offended you think I'm a cheat!" His blue eyes briefly flashed to an avian gold. "I'm just naturally talented. And you? Manage to win anything?"

"Does two broken lances count?"

"Your incompetence is astounding." Rivek laughed. It was cut short by his growling stomach. After shooting all day in the heat, that pork bun hadn't nearly been satisfying enough. "Dinner?"

Bohren jabbed Rivek in the abdomen. "You're buying."

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