Art: 056/100 Themes - Danger Ahead

"Danjere Ante." Danger ahead. - 56/100 Themes.

Kai is another character I have recycled for Mondigan. Kai is an arrogant, teenage seafarer. His father - a wealthy, Vestanzan merchant, abandoned him when he showed signs of dark magic in early puberty, and Mirab took pity on him. He is an integral portion to her becoming a more empathetic character. Oddly enough, he enters a relationship with and knocks up Perrin, Rivek's mentee. Perrin's father - who is a similar, single, formerly-teen father - is not very pleased with this, but it gives Kai the chance to grow up.


Kai ran to the prow of the Surgent and leaned his face into the wind. "Danger?" he laughed. "About time."

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